Why spending a little more is often times worth it

Promotional products elicit many different reactions from recipients. The goal is to provide products that are not only well received, but also used over and over again displaying your brand for all to see. At an recent event t-shirts were handed out at the end. One of the recipients compared this branded shirt, "T-shirt 1", with another branded shirt, "T-shirt 2", he received several years ago. He had very different reactions to both shirts. T-shirt 1 was a 100% cotton shirt that wrinkled and did not look good straight out of the dryer and was never worn again. This compares with t-shirt 2 that was a tri-blend fabric with a soft feel with an attractive design that washed well. He frequently wears t-shirt 2 even though it is a few years old. This translates into more impressions of your brand (the number of times your logo is seen) which is the goal when purchasing promotional products.

The quality of the item usually dictates how long it will be used. Depending on what the promotional campaign is helps guide you if it is appropriate to purchase higher or lower cost items. While it is not always best to purchase more expensive promotional items, many times better quality translates into more brand exposure.



Community Bank Branch Cashes in on Advertising Mint Box Promotion

The Newport Bank is a small bank branch that serves the southeastern area of New England. They were established in 1819 and have only 12 bank locations, mostly in Rhode Island. Their challenge over the past years has been to secure more local customers to their community bank by recruiting them away from the large bank branches that have permeated the area. The Bank of Newport wanted an economical promotional gift because they do not have the vast budget of their competitors. They also wanted the product to be useful and endearing to the residents of the area, demonstrating to them that they actually care about the community. The bank has always prided itself on their community efforts and help sponsor numerous events throughout the year. The gift was to be given away at the Newport Bank booth at several of these community festivals during the spring/summer months.

The promotional product team decided that Newport needed a product with resale value and that the product had to prove to the patrons of these neighborhood events that Newport Bank cared about them, unlike the other larger banks in the area. Eventually, the team presented Newport with the custom branded mint box. The mint box contains 20-25 peppermints, is re-closeable, and is fully customizable on all 5 sides of the box. It offers more advertising space than most products and is printed in full color. A box of mints like this is often purchased in the store for over $1.

The mint box promotion helped to further establish the Newport Bank as the preeminent bank for the people of southeastern New England. It was distributed at the Newport booths at several sponsored events through the spring and summer. The advertising box was useful and compact enough to be placed in purses and pockets. This way the potential customer would remember the company name and logo days after the event. After the promotion, the bank received many compliments on the product and requests for more by the community. More importantly, the bank saw a 10% increase of new customers in the fall. Newport Bank was so content with the product that they continue to use the promo product team for future promotions.


Watch this video to see how both round and stick shaped lip balms are made from the raw ingredients to the finished product.



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